Amanda & Chris – A Burning Man wedding

This is somewhat personal. As you may or may not know, one of the principles of Burning Man is gifting. People give you stuff all the time, be it food or little things they made or whatever else you can think of. I love it! As I knew a lot of couples get married at Burning Man, I thought it was a great idea to gift wedding photos this year. So, I ended up shooting two beautiful weddings out in Black Rock City and this is one of them. Chris and Amanda first met at Burning Man, so they decided it would be the perfect place to tie the knot. They had invited all their friends to drive out to the Temple of Grace with their camps art car “The Divine Testudine” and witness them get married during sunset. So much love! I feel very honored to have been a part of this. IMG_8876 IMG_8882 IMG_8885 IMG_8890 IMG_8896 IMG_8903 IMG_8904 IMG_8923 IMG_8938 IMG_8947 IMG_9030 IMG_9085 IMG_9101 IMG_9111 IMG_9124 IMG_9136 IMG_9142 IMG_9153 IMG_9159 IMG_9163 IMG_9167 IMG_9173 IMG_9188 IMG_9196 IMG_9198 IMG_9207 IMG_9226 IMG_9237 IMG_9240 IMG_9245 IMG_9251 IMG_9256 IMG_9263 IMG_9278 IMG_9292 IMG_9301 IMG_9366 IMG_9372 IMG_9385 IMG_9386 IMG_9397 IMG_9402 IMG_9412 IMG_9420 IMG_9440 IMG_9452