I don’t know if it’s just their personalities, but I noticed that the kids I have been photographing basically since they were born are just so easy going during the photo sessions. They seem so comfortable with me pointing this big black thing at them. They’re just so used to it. I love it. 🙂

IMG_1816 IMG_1820 IMG_1834 IMG_1872 IMG_1923 IMG_1967 IMG_1989 IMG_1994 IMG_2021 IMG_2029 IMG_2032 IMG_2106 IMG_2113 IMG_2147 IMG_2149 IMG_2170 IMG_2203 IMG_2209 IMG_2233 IMG_2234 IMG_2317 IMG_2437 IMG_2493 IMG_2561 IMG_2661 IMG_2751 IMG_2769 IMG_2773 IMG_2785 IMG_2795